At Fundz, we provide loans online secured by high-value assets. We often extend no-credit-check loans to our clients based on the current market price of high-end watches, designer purses, gold, and other valuable items. As a result, there are a few reasons that you might not be offered a loan. Let’s explore the most common reasons that people may not be offered a loan.

Counterfeit or Low-Quality Items

All of our estimators are GIA graduates with the certifications, expertise, and experience necessary to identify and determine the value of high-quality assets. They all have extensive training in identifying counterfeit items, such as fake designer purses, and will not offer a loan if an item is not up to their exacting standards.

Poor Photo Quality

With this in mind, before items are sent to Fundz, we rely on photos of the items to make our initial estimates and offers. If a photo is blurry or the item is too far away from the camera, we cannot make an accurate estimate of the value of the item. Or, when the item arrives, we may see the damage that was not apparent in the photo(s). Be sure to send clear photos of all items with shots from multiple angles. Ensure that any damage is visible in the photos, and you’ll be more likely to get an accurate estimate of what we can offer for your loan online — before you send your item(s) to us.

Incomplete Descriptions

Similarly, if an item description doesn’t match the item, our estimators may choose not to offer a loan for the item or the offer may change significantly upon receiving the item. Be as thorough as you can in your description of any item(s) that you want to use as collateral for an instant loan from Fundz. The more detailed and thorough your description, the more likely you are to get an accurate estimate and offer.

With good photos and thorough descriptions of your high-quality, authentic items, you should have no problem getting a fast cash loan offer from Fundz. Find out what your items are worth today with our online loan estimator.