Why Fundz? The Best Option to Sell or Pawn Online

Trust Fundz for Honest, Reliable Lending and Selling

Fundz has been among the foremost experts in the lending and selling space for decades!
Fundz is your #1 online lender and asset buyer. Thanks to our years of experience, expertise in appraising, and our commitment to transparency and security, we are the go-to option for anyone selling or lending their gold, jewelry, and other valuables. Whether you want to sell or you need a fair loan, we’re here for you!
Trust Fundz for Honest, Reliable Lending

More Than 30 Years Buying and Lending to Happy Customers

With so many fly-by-night lenders and pawnbrokers out there, who can you trust? For more than 30 years, Fundz has provided fair loans and the highest payouts possible for customers selling and pawning their gold, jewelry, watches, and designer handbags. We continue to bring our valuable financial services and expertise to all of our clients. That’s why we get so many positive reviews and repeat customers!

And now, with online pawn and selling options, we make the whole experience even smoother and more convenient, while maintaining the same high level of security, safety, and confidentiality.

Professional Appraisers

— Our appraisers are the best in the business. We employ fine arts experts, watchmakers, certified gemologists, and other niche professionals to provide the most accurate appraisals possible. With their expertise, we can offer you the highest payouts in the business.

Secure, Streamlined Selling and Lending

— At Fundz, we want to make it as easy and profitable as possible to sell or pawn your gold, jewelry, and watches. Selling or pawning items with Fundz takes only 3 simple steps, and the whole process, from start to finish, is fast and easy. Plus, you can do it all with no credit checks and no hassles!

Fast Payouts

— Fundz offers the fastest, most convenient payouts for our sales and loans. Our expert appraisers work fast. They’ll inspect your items as soon as they arrive (and send you an unboxing video to show the care we take with your gold, watches, and jewelry). Within 24 hours of receiving your items, we’ll send you a final offer. Then, once you’ve uploaded your identification paperwork, we’ll send your payment immediately.

Licensed, Insured, and Bonded

— Fundz is officially licensed as an Online Pawn Broker in the state of CO. Bonded by The Hartford and insured by Lloyds Insurance.

Shipping Info

— Shipping your gold, watches, jewelry, and designer handbags is fast, easy, and secure with Fundz. When you accept our initial estimated offer, we send you a prepaid FedEx shipping label. You can then either drop off your package at any FedEx location or schedule a pickup. And, for added peace of mind, all packages shipped with Fundz are insured during transit.

Privacy Policy

Safe storage of your items

— Feel confident knowing that all of your items are safely stored. Fundz ensures that everything, whether it’s fine jewelry or electronics, goes securely in a protected safe. Your watches and valuables are ready for you when you need them, but in the meantime, we keep everything secure.

Secure opening

— Your items deserve to be handled with care! Whether you send us fine jewelry, electronics, designer handbags, or any other valuables, we take every precaution to handle them with the care they deserve. And you don’t have to take our word for it. When we receive your items, we’ll send you an unboxing video right to your mobile device, showing you how much attention and care we use when handling your valuables.

100% Confidential

— Finally, every transaction is 100% confidential. We won’t tell a soul about your fast cash loan or sale amount or the item you’ve sold or pawned for it. We respect our customers and know that it’s no one else’s business. Confidentiality is the best policy at all times.

Secure, fast cash loans are the name of the game. That’s what Fundz is here to do. We are the first 100% online pawn shop in the United States, providing the best value loans for individuals everywhere — from the comfort of their homes!

The world is changing, and Fundz is here to make things a little more accessible for all of us. To sell or pawn valuable items with Fundz, just use our intuitive online appraisal tool to get an initial estimate for your gold, watches, and other valuables. You’ll get pricing feedback quickly so you can get fast cash ASAP.

We check the market value of your items and provide fair and reasonable estimates for their worth, allowing you to receive cash faster and with fairer interest rates than most U.S.-based pawn shops.

Fundz employs a wide range of expert appraisers. We can perform antique assessments and other trade calculations as you need them. Our antique appraisers, gemologists, and fine arts experts are ready to evaluate all forms of jewelry, watches, and antiques. All of our assessors have years of experience in the industry, and they’re standing by to help you today. Fast cash loans and sales are just a few clicks away! Get started now!