Terms of Service

The following are the terms and conditions under which you may use SLON Holdings LLC dba Fundz website, found at QuickFundz.com (the “Website”), or any of FUNDZ services (the “Services”), including, but not limited to, pledging personal property to FUNDZ in exchange for a loan (each, a “Pawn Loan”) or selling your personal property (your “Property”) to FUNDZ.

Your use of FUNDZ Website and/or Services is governed by this Terms of Service Agreement (the “Terms of Service”). Any disputes that may arise in the course of your use of the FUNDZ Website or Services are governed by these Terms of Service. These Terms of Service shall be deemed to include the terms of the FUNDZ Privacy Policy available at www.quickfundz.com/privacyas well as any additional terms set forth in the Pawnbroker Agreement (“Pawnbroker Agreement”) between you and FUNDZ.


FUNDZ complies with all applicable municipal, state, and federal laws and regulations governing pawnbrokers. By entering into an Agreement with FUNDZ, you acknowledge, agree, and accept that your Agreement is consummated at the FUNDZ office in Centennial, Colorado.


These Terms of Service may be amended by FUNDZ from time to time. If there are material changes made to these Terms of Service, we will notify you at your email address provided in your Member Account information. The Terms of Service, as amended, shall be effective thirty (30) days after the notice is sent, and your continued use of the Website or Services after that time will represent your full acceptance of the amended Terms of Service. If you do not agree with the amended Terms of Service, you must notify us in writing within the thirty (30) day notice period of your intention to cease all use of the Website and the Services. In particular, if you have entered into an Agreement and you wish to terminate that Agreement and repurchase your Property prior to the end of the term as set out in your Agreement, you must pay all amounts owing pursuant to your Agreement within the thirty (30) day notice period, failing which you will be deemed to have accepted the amended Terms of Service.

Eligible Users

By using FUNDZ Website or Services you certify that you are a resident of the United States of America, have reached the age of majority in your jurisdiction of residence, and possess the capacity to enter into a legally binding contract. FUNDZ will not be responsible for any consequences flowing from the use of its Website or Services in a jurisdiction in which the contents of the Website or Services are illegal or prohibited. By using FUNDZ Website or Services you also agree to indemnify FUNDZ for all reasonable Losses suffered, including legal costs, in the event that you do not meet the foregoing requirements or in the event that your use of the Website or Services violates any laws or prohibitions in your jurisdiction. For greater clarity, if you are accessing the Website or using the Services from a location other than Centennial, Colorado, you are doing so at your own risk and you are solely responsible for complying with the local laws in your jurisdiction.

Registration and Membership

It is free to register and become a member of FUNDZ. Registration is required for the use of FUNDZ Services. To become a registered member you must create an account (a “Member Account”). To create your Member Account you must provide certain personal information, as described in our Privacy Policy. You agree to provide accurate, up-to-date, and complete personal information when creating your Member Account, and further agree to maintain the accuracy of this information during the course of your membership. When you are creating your Member Account, you must choose your password and username that you will then use to access your Member Account and use FUNDZ Services. Be sure to keep this information confidential. You are solely responsible for any and all use of your Member Account. You agree that you will not provide your password or username to any other person and that you will not use any other member's password or username at any time. You agree that you will notify FUNDZ immediately if you suspect any unauthorized use of (or access to) your Member Account, failing which you will be held responsible by FUNDZ for any unauthorized use of your Member Account. If you choose to enter into an Agreement with FUNDZ, you must provide additional information, as described in our Privacy Policy.

Our Services

FUNDZ provides you with the opportunity to sell your Property to FUNDZ, with an option to repurchase your Property within a specified time, via the Website. All Agreements with FUNDZ are subject to FUNDZ approval of your application and our evaluation of your Property, all at FUNDZ sole discretion. FUNDZ reserves the right to refuse to enter into an Agreement with any person at any time. To enter into an Agreement you must complete the online application that is available at www.quickfundz.com. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions page at www.quickfundz.com/faq to learn more about how our process works. The Agreement will include the information that we are required to provide to you by law, including (but not limited) to a detailed description of your Property, the term (duration) of the Agreement, the annual rate of interest charged for your loan, and the amount of money required to repurchase your Property.

Type of payment

Payment may be made in US dollars through any legal means. Payment also may be made or accepted in Bitcoin, at FUNDZ discretion and as agreed to between the parties.

Restrictions on Services

While FUNDZ attempts to deposit funds in your bank account within 24 hours of entering into an Agreement with you, FUNDZ will not be held liable for any delays resulting from incorrect or incomplete information provided in your Member Account, application, or Agreement, or any delays caused by circumstances beyond FUNDZ control.

FUNDZ will not accept any items:

  • from a person who is under the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence;
  • from a person whose identity cannot be confirmed by an identification paper or other document;
  • sent to any location other than the location specified by FUNDZ;
  • any items prohibited by law including, but not limited to, any switchblade knife, any knife
  • the blade is detachable from its handle, any knife whose blade opens by any mechanical means, gravity knife, any throwing star, any brass or metallic knuckles or other items commonly for and designed for the purpose of beating or striking others, any nunchaks, blackjack, billy club, or any property with missing or altered serial numbers on items that are likely or commonly known to have serial numbers.

Required Information

Before FUNDZ can complete an Agreement, the following information must be included in the Agreement:

  • full description of the item, identifying its nature and the following characteristics: the color, brand name, size, weight, and model;
  • title, in the case of a book, a compact disk or a digital video disk;
  • number of the Regie du cinema, in the case of a film;
  • serial number and any other distinctive feature;
  • family name and first name, full address, date of birth, and a description of the physical features of the person that pawns an item, as well as the number of an identification document with photo, or any other required document confirming such person's identity;
  • written declaration of your ownership of the Property stating that you own each item of Property in its entirety and setting out how long you have owned it, and if the Property was found by you or someone else, the details of the finding.

If the item being pawned is a jewel, the description must also include the number of carats, the weight in grams, and all visible inscriptions. In addition, a picture of the jewel must be provided.

Unwillingness or inability to provide the required information may result in FUNDZ refusal to provide any Services to you.


Any sales offer that FUNDZ initially makes to you online for any item is not the final offer. Only after FUNDZ has had an opportunity to fully inspect the item and its condition can FUNDZ provide a final offer. Items that in FUNDZ sole and exclusive judgment do not meet the description by the item’s owner will be returned to the owner of the item at the owner’s expense.

Fake Items

FUNDZ only accepts authentic items. If after examination it is determined by FUNDZ that the item is not authentic or significantly not as described, the seller is responsible to prepay the return shipping. You have to be a legal owner of the item and must be 21 or older to sell to FUNDZ. Any inauthentic item or item not significantly as described will not be returned to you until you have prepaid shipping.

Final Transactions

Once FUNDZ has made a final offer to you, which shall be labeled as “Final Offer,” and you have accepted the “Final Offer,” then the transaction is final, and you may not cancel it.


All amounts of money quoted by FUNDZ are quoted in United States Dollars.

Shipping Procedures

FUNDZ will ship your items for free via FedEx. At your option, you may ship your Property to FUNDZ using a carrier of your choice at your own expense. If you choose to ship your Property using your own carrier, insurance against loss or damage must be arranged by you, and in the event that your Property is lost, stolen, or damaged while being shipped to FUNDZ it will be your sole responsibility to make any claims against your carrier. If you are shipping your Property using the shipping services provided by FUNDZ, your Property is automatically insured by FUNDZ for the current market value of your item(s), although you have the option of paying for additional insurance. If you would like your Property to be shipped faster than the service provided by FUNDZ, you may make these arrangements at your own expense. It is your sole responsibility to retain the shipping receipt from the carrier, regardless of whether you use the shipping services provided by FUNDZ or your own carrier. Such receipt must include a unique tracking ID, and such receipt shall be required in case of any insurance claims. Also, you must be able to produce a photograph (or photographs) of your Property and have at least one (1) document for each item that can prove your ownership and the current value of your Property. Please be informed that it is your personal responsibility to keep safe all the documents that are related to your Property that may be required to support any possible insurance claims, including, but not limited to, any receipts of the purchase, shipping receipts, evaluations, certificates, as well as any insurance documents.

It is your personal responsibility to make sure that all your items are appropriately and securely packaged. FUNDZ will not be held responsible for any damage to your Property during shipping. FUNDZ reserves the right to reject the delivery of any package that appears to be opened, damaged, or tampered with. All such items will be returned to the sender without any further liabilities to FUNDZ.

Should you choose to repurchase your Property, or decide not to proceed with an Agreement after you shipped your Property, FUNDZ will ship your Property back to you upon receipt of the full payment of the amount required to repurchase your Property or of the receipt of notice that you do not wish to proceed with an Agreement. The Property will be shipped via FedEx, or a carrier of your choice (at your own expense). If you would like your Property returned to you using a carrier of your choice, you are responsible for arranging for the Property to be picked up from the FUNDZ location and for providing the details of such arrangements to FUNDZ at the time you repurchase your Property or at the time you notify FUNDZ that you do not wish to proceed with the Agreement. If FUNDZ arranges to return your Property via FedEx, a signature will be required to accept the delivery of the Property. The Property will be shipped to the postal address that was indicated on your Agreement or, in case of a Property return, should you decide not to proceed with an Agreement, the current mailing address that you have provided in your Member Account. If you require the Property to be shipped to an address other than the address that was reflected on your Agreement or in your Member Account, as the case may be, FUNDZ will require you to provide a copy of your current photo ID that is acceptable to FUNDZ, which bears the desired shipping address.

Acceptable Use

You agree that you will not use FUNDZ Website for any purposes that are unlawful, or are prohibited by these Terms of Service. Such prohibited uses include, but are not limited to, competitive analysis (including making screenshots that contain copyrighted material owned by FUNDZ) and any data mining or "scraping" with the use of specialized software, "robots", "spiders", or otherwise.

You further agree not to use FUNDZ Website, Services, or any of your communications with FUNDZ to:
(a) abuse, defame, harass, threaten or violate the legal rights (such as privacy) of others in any way;
(b) make an offer to sell any Property that infringes or violates any other party's rights, including offering to sell Property that: (i) you cannot sell legally, (ii) was misrepresented to FUNDZ, and/or (iii) if sold, would cause FUNDZ to violate any laws or regulations;
(c) provide inaccurate, false, or misleading personal information;
or (d) violate any applicable laws or regulations (for instance, those that govern financial services, unfair competition, consumer protections, anti-discrimination, false advertising, etc.).
FUNDZ will cooperate with the legal authorities and internet service providers in providing information about the users who violate this section of these Terms of Service.

You agree that you will notify FUNDZ immediately about any suspected or known unauthorized use, breach of security, or violation of these Terms of Service, on or relating to FUNDZ Website or Services.


In the event that you breach these Terms of Service, FUNDZ may, in addition to seeking any available legal remedies, undertake any or all of the following actions: (a) suspend, limit or close your access to your Member Account or FUNDZ Services; (b) contact and engage the assistance of law enforcement; (c) contact and inform any third parties likely to be impacted by your actions; (d) update any inaccurate personal information that you provided; and/or (e) completely cancel the provision of Services to you.


You agree to hold FUNDZ, its agents, directors, officers, employees, affiliates, subsidiaries, or suppliers harmless for the claims of any third party arising from your use of FUNDZ Website or Services, or your breach of these Terms of Service. You further agree to indemnify FUNDZ for any legal costs incurred in defending such claims.


You hereby declare that any Property you pawn or sell to FUNDZ is free of any mortgages, liens, or other encumbrances. You confirm that the Property you pawn or sell to FUNDZ belongs to you and you have the authority to dispose of it. In the event of any claim to ownership of the Property by a third party, you agree to indemnify FUNDZ for any losses or damages incurred, including any legal costs incurred by FUNDZ because of that claim.



Limitation of Liability 

FUNDZ, its agents, directors, officers, employees, affiliates, subsidiaries, or suppliers will not be held liable for lost profits or any special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the use of FUNDZ Website or Services (however arising, including negligence).

FUNDZ liability, and the liability of its agents, directors, officers, employees, affiliates, subsidiaries or suppliers, to you, or any third parties, in connection with:

  • an Agreement (except for a claim for the damage or loss of the Property), is limited to the amounts paid by you over the course of the Agreement that is the source of the claim;
  • the loss or damage of Property on FUNDZ premises during the term of an Agreement, is limited to the market value of such Property at the time that the liability is claimed less the amount paid to you pursuant to the Agreement and any outstanding amounts owing to FUNDZ pursuant to the Agreement;
  • the loss or damage of Property on FUNDZ premises prior to the execution of an Agreement, is limited to the market value of such Property.

Term and Termination 

Unless and until terminated by you or FUNDZ, your Member Account will remain active and you will continue to have access to FUNDZ services indefinitely. FUNDZ reserves the right to terminate your membership and to restrict or deny outright your access to FUNDZ Website or Services at any time, with or without cause, and with or without notice. Upon the termination of your right to use the FUNDZ Website, you will no longer be able to access any data or information you had previously created, managed, maintained, or stored with FUNDZ. Your obligations pursuant to Sections 11-13, and 16-18, and the survival provision of this Section 15, shall survive the termination of your membership or any other agreement between you and FUNDZ.

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

Your use of FUNDZ Website or Services, and any agreement entered into between you and FUNDZ is governed by the laws applicable in the City of Centennial, Colorado, without regard to any conflict of law provisions that would require the application of the laws of another jurisdiction.


Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, or the breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association under its Commercial Arbitration Rules. The number of arbitrators shall be one. The place of arbitration shall be in Denver, Colorado. Colorado law shall apply. Judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. You hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the aforementioned arbitrator and arbitration process.

Equitable or Injunctive Relief

Notwithstanding the foregoing, you agree that FUNDZ shall be allowed to apply for injunctive or other equitable relief in any court of competent jurisdiction.

Improperly Filed Claims 

All claims between you and FUNDZ must be resolved in accordance with Sections 15-18. All claims filed or brought contrary to this Section shall be considered improperly filed. Should you file a claim contrary to this Section, you agree that FUNDZ will be entitled to recover its legal costs from you in responding to such a claim.

Limitation on Actions 

You agree that any claim or cause of action arising out of or related to the use of FUNDZ Website or Services must be commenced within one (1) year after the cause of action arose; otherwise, such cause of action is permanently barred.


FUNDZ communicates primarily through electronic means. For contractual purposes, you (a) consent to receive communications from FUNDZ in an electronic form; and (b) agree that all, agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications that FUNDZ provides to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing. You may also receive a copy of these Terms of Service, or any of the documents relating to your use of FUNDZ Services, by emailing us at: support@quickfundz.com.


These Terms of Service, along with FUNDZ Privacy Policy and any Agreement completed and signed by you constitute the entire agreement between you and FUNDZ regarding the use of FUNDZ Website and Services. If any provision of these Terms of Service, or of any agreement between you and FUNDZ, is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of these Terms of Service or the applicable agreement shall continue in full force and effect. Notwithstanding any other provisions herein, the parties agree that no person or entity (including any other member) shall be deemed a third-party beneficiary of this Agreement. Furthermore, should any provisions be found to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision will be changed and interpreted to accomplish its objectives to the greatest extent possible under any applicable law. The failure of FUNDZ to exercise or enforce any of its rights under these Terms of Service or under an agreement between you and FUNDZ shall not operate as a waiver of such right or provision. The section titles in these Terms of Service are for convenience only and have no legal or contractual effect. You may not rent, lease, license, grant a security interest in, or otherwise transfer, assign, or sublicense your rights hereunder to any third party. At any time, FUNDZ may, in its sole discretion and without providing notice or obtaining your consent, assign its rights under these Terms of Service or under any agreement between you and FUNDZ, or delegate some or all of its responsibilities hereunder. You may contact FUNDZ with any questions in regards to these Terms of Service.


FUNDZ is located at 4901 E Dry Creek Rd, Ste G20 Centennial, CO 80112. You should note that parental control protections (such as computer hardware, software, or filtering services) are commercially available that may assist you in limiting access to material that is harmful to minors. Current providers of such protections can be found at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Content-control_software

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