Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is it safe to sell to Fundz?

    Yes! Safekeeping of your valuables is one of our top priorities, and we have developed a process to ensure your item is tracked, fully insured, and handled only by authorized Fundz employees. Rest assured that your valuables are always safe with Fundz.

  • Where will my valuables be stored?

    All items sent to Fundz are tracked and monitored as soon as they reach our facility. Once we have evaluated your items, we store them in highly secure vaults for the duration of the loan agreement. Fundz’ secure storage facility is fully protected, and your assets are insured from the moment we receive them until they are back in your possession.

  • What happens if my valuables get lost or stolen?

    In the extremely unlikely event that this happens, your valuables are insured from the moment they are collected. Should items be lost or stolen, you will be compensated according to market value in accordance with Colorado regulation.

  • Are your facilities safe and secure?

    The safety of your items is our core priority. When your items are in our possession, they are locked in a secure vault and only handled by our trusted experts. Furthermore, we have fully backed insurance from Lloyd Insurance, covering your items throughout the entire process.

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