Fundz courier in Los Angeles — get money without leaving your couch!
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If you need to borrow money fast, you’ve come to the right place. Acquiring cash loans doesn’t have to be a pain anymore.
Fundz courier in Los Angeles — get money without leaving your couch!
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Fast & Trustworthy Service
Fundz takes excellent care of your items. Be confident knowing that your goods are 100% secure in our state of the art safe.
Quick approval, cash in under 24hr
Fundz takes excellent care of your items. Be confident knowing that your goods are 100% secure in our state of the art safe.
Easy To Use & 100% Transparency
Fundz takes excellent care of your items. Be confident knowing that your goods are 100% secure in our state of the art safe.
Well Trained & Discrete Couriers
Fundz takes excellent care of your items. Be confident knowing that your goods are 100% secure in our state of the art safe.
Why Use Fundz Local
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What is Fundz Local?

When it’s time to acquire a cash loan, you can’t afford to wait. Fundz understands the necessity to give you fast instant loans without delay. That’s why we’ve put so much effort into optimizing our process for speed and efficiency. Working with pawnbrokers doesn’t have to be an arduous process. Simply go to Fundz and work with the top pawn professionals online in a short, simple fashion.Contact a member of our team if you have any questions regarding the cash loan process. If you need to borrow money fast, you need to work with people who know how to give you quick instant loans.

hat is Fundz Local
  • Why sell to Fundz

    Sell to us – Get Paid in 24 Hours

    Selling valuables shouldn’t be a hassle. When you sell to Fundz, you can do it all from the comfort of home. Selling a designer handbag, diamond ring, Rolex or Apple watch, or an iPhone? Just send us a photo, and our expert appraisers will send you a quote in minutes. You’ll get a better price than you would on, eBay, Consignment store, Craigslist or in a pawnshop. And the whole transaction is confidential and secure!

  • What does Fundz Buy?

    Sell to us – Get Paid in 24 Hours

    At Fundz, we specialize in paying top dollar for luxury goods and quality brands online. Whatever you’re selling – designer handbag, diamond ring, loose diamonds or gems, luxury-brand watch, or an Apple product – Fundz is ready to give you the best price around.

  • Jewelry appraisals

    Always choose an experienced appraiser. Qualified appraisers meet specific standards and adhere to a code of ethics established by national and international jewelry associations. Because gems and precious metals can fluctuate in value, consider having your jewelry reappraised every few years.

    The average price for a jewelry appraisal is $75-$100. When you submit your jewelry to Fundz, we’ll do your appraisal for free!

  • Diamond appraisals

    Appraisers look at a range of factors to calculate a diamond ring’s value, based on the four Cs — cut quality, clarity, color and carat weight. When the diamond is set in a piece of jewelry, the pricing will vary based on the setting and the number of diamonds. For example, a simple one-diamond wedding band will be appraised for less than a three-stone engagement ring. Like other forms of jewelry, the average price for a diamond appraisal is $75-$100. But you can get a free appraisal when you submit your jewelry to Fundz!

  • Designer handbag appraisals

    Luxury handbags are fashion items, so the value will usually decline over time. Hermes is famous for its ability to retain its value, followed by Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and other brands. Like any used goods, an expert appraiser will consider the brand, its popularity, and its physical condition.

    At Fundz, our appraisers are experts in designer handbags – send your photo for a free appraisal!

  • Watch appraisals

    Watch appraisers look at the brand and the condition of the watch. If a watch is in nearly-new condition, it will obviously be worth more than an older one that is showing its age with scratches and scuffs. Among top watch brands, Rolex is best for retaining value close to its original price, followed by Patek Philippe, Omega, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Tag Heuer. And the Apple Watch is another brand in great demand and with high retained value.

    A watch or jewelry store charges $125 to $350 to appraise a watch.

    When you submit your watch to Fundz, you get your watch appraisal for free!

  • iPhone appraisals

    iPhones are everywhere – over 1 billion units are in use! The value of a used iPhone is based on the model, its age, and how well it works. For a quick price check, visit Apple’s trade-in page. But be aware that the trade-in price from Apple is based on your purchase of a new phone. If you just want to sell your iPhone, it’s always better to find a reputable online reseller.

    Hint: Send info on your iPhone to Fundz for a fast, free, and accurate price!